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About me.

Why did this noob start writing websites again?

Thank you, those who accompanied me along the way.

You used to have all the heroe's dreams.

My favorite speech: 十二万的漏洞——方小顿的演讲

When I first heard this speech, I was a web security beginner at the time, The spirit of this speech accompanied me along the way.
Just need to watch it for 5 minutes, Maybe you will support this idea.

You can also watch the video directly.

The Prose collection I wrote: 我写的散文集

I am a programmer who loves to write some small prose.
You can read some of the prose I wrote to understand me and communicate with my thoughts.

my studies

Web, that I don't understand at all.
Safety research, that I don't know anything.
Pwn, that being beaten every day.

I am always on this road.


蓝鲸安全 —— 稳定可靠(少年,你渴望超神与力量么?)
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